Forget about the AFRIMAS and wait for Hipipo, Suudi man Tells Bebe Cool

Struggling events promoter Suudi man has blasted celebrated singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool to cool down and stop bragging about his nomination at the AFRIMA awards.

According to Suudi, Bebe Cool should wait for our local awards HiPipo where he will be having a chance to win an award.

“Sorry Bebe Cool just wait for Hipipo awards” said Suudi man.

He went ahead to congratulate Diamond Platnumz for winning the Best Male Artist Award East Africa, even before the awards are given.

“Congratulations our Muko Diamond Platnumz for winning best male artist Afrima Award” he said.

Suudiman is much known for attacking fellow music promoters, musicians, Media personalities and socialites with the most recent one being the self-proclaimed tycoon Brian White who narrowly got hospitalised over the back to back insults and criticisms that chubby talkative ‘slayking’.

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