Museveni: I Do Not Take Alcohol, That’s Why I am 74 And Still Very Strong

President Museveni has challenged cultural leaders to sit down and weigh some of the merits and demerits of cultural practices like wife inheritance and drinking alcohol.

Museveni was speaking as Chief Guest during 5th Teso Heritage Day celebrations at Boma grounds in Kumi District.  The celebrations ran under the theme ‘Unity is the Key to Develop-ment’.

He noted that this do not mean that they should away traditions, but focus on those practices that bring around unity and development.

“I do not want you to throw away the traditions because many of them are good. You Itesots like ‘Ajono’ (local brew) because when I was at University some of the Itesots would say that drinking was part of their culture. Even some Banyankole would say the same. I do not take alcohol. That is why I am 74 and still very strong,” Museveni said.

The Head of State also congratulated the people of Teso Sub-Region in Eastern Uganda for uniting and creating linkages between the people of Africa from Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Congo through the cultural celebrations they hold.

The Teso Heritage Day celebrations brings together Itesots  from the regions of Teso, Karamoja, Turkana in Kenya and other areas to forge unity and celebrate their rich culture through dance and folk singing.

The President told the jubilant crowds In his address that in order to have a strong Africa, modernity should be mixed with tradition.

The President was also glad to note that the tribes from the Ateker group of Teso were no longer killing themselves as they were now considering themselves as brothers. He, however, informed the people that they should not focus so much on identity because it can be a hinderance to development.

“The African people have got sub-nations like you can hear from   the Ateker. I do not want mobilisation of identity against each other. When a Muteso has got a shop here in Kumi, tribe will not matter. Anybody buying from you will be supporting you,” he noted.

The President further called for regional integration saying that this was the way to the prosperity of Africa.


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