Middle Income status vision is a dream unless we save our environment – Minister Kitutu

Minister Kitutu addressing the press at Uganda Media Center PHOTO by Catherine Kabugho

By Catherine Kabugho

The Minister of State for Environment, Hon Goretti Kitutu has called upon all government stakeholders and the general public to jointly work together in the fight against hazardous climate changes the world is facing.

This statement was made during a press conference held at Uganda Media Center on Tuesday as she gave the remarks attained from the launch of the REDD+ Programme for Uganda at COP 23 in Bonn German.

Kitutu noted that as the government continues to work towards achieving the middle income status, more efforts need to be imparted in the saving of our nature since everything on earth depends on the environment.

She highlighted places like forests, Swamps, Rivers and lakes as some of the features that need immediate intervention because some people around still have the zeal to degrade them.

“Uganda has about 506 forests but its unfortunate that about 400 have been encroached a habit that needs to be stopped because we about to face challenges like global warming, floods, drought, and landslides if nothing is done now.” Minister stated.

Minister however thanked the cabinet and the international community for supporting the cause to save the pearl of Africa from the dangerous climate changes.

She also said that the ministry is set to initiate an enforcement body Like that of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Basically to fight for the environment.

She climaxed calling upon all Ugandans to restlessly embark on growing trees and preserving of riverbeds for the betterment of our survival tomorrow.

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