DP’s Deo Njoki Makes Double Loss as EC Declares Wandera Busia L5 Race Winner Unopposed

Deo Njoki addressing the press at the DP party headquarters.

The Electoral Commission has this morning declared Mr. Geoffrey Wandera as elected unopposed LC 5 Chairperson of Busia district.

According to Kiyimba Umar the area returning officer, in respect of section 172 of the local Government Act and the Parliament elections Act, Wandara was declared winner of the race.

The NRM leaning Independent candidate was announced following the canceling of the nomination of candidates of the ruling NRM party and Democratic Party (DP) who were the lead faces in the race.

The election that was supposed to take place on November 28, 2018 didn’t happen since only one candidate remained in the race. According to the letter dated November 23, Justice Simon Byabakama disqualified the candidature of Hasubi Deogratius Njoki (DP) and Paul Boniface Oguttu (NRM) from the race on grounds of discrepancies in the names they presented for the nomination.

Electoral Commission rules that DP Candidate was nominated under the names Hasubi Deogratius Njoki yet on the national voters register as well as his national ID his names are Hasubi Deogratius.

“In view of the above, the commission resolved that the person nominated under the names Hasubi Deogratius Njoki is not a registered voter under the National Voters Register and thus overturned the Returning Officer’s decision to have you nominated for the position of Busia District Chairperson,” Justice Byabakama’s letter states.

Regarding the fate of NRM’s candidate, its revealed that Oguttu Boniface Paul didn’t match the names on the requisite academic documents accompanying his nomination papers.

This makes a double loss for DP’s Hasubi Deogratius Njoki who had earlier refused the Human Rights Commission job with hopes that he would win the hotly contested race.

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