FDC Tells Off Museveni: Will You Arrest Even the Dead?

FDC party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda

The opposition Forum for Democrat Change (FDC) has challenged the Head of State to focus on bringing to book all the officials responsible for the Victoria accident.

Speaking during the press conference held at the party headquarters, party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda said president should not waste time threatening to arrest the boat operators because but instead arrest the marine officials and charge them for negligence.

“Why arrest the dead yet the living ones are there? These officers need to be resign immediately and even get arrested for allowing the boat to operate yet they knew that it was faulty.” Ssemuju said.

He also calls for an apology and resignation of the state minister of transport Aggrey Bagiire who said authorities were looking for that particular vessel.

Over 30 bodies have so far been retrieved from Lake Victoria after the Saturday tragedy as the search by the police continues.

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