Bagyenda Aides Arrested Over Bank of Uganda Missing Documents

The Parliamentary committee of Commissions on Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (Cosase) has on Thursday handed over aides to former Executive Director in charge of Supervision at Bank of Uganda (BoU) Justine Bagyenda to Police CID for giving contradicting information in regards to missing documents on sale of 7 defunct banks currently under probe.

On Wednesday, the committee put on oath Bagyenda’s aides;Juliet Adikorit, body guard, Job Turyahebwa, driver, Beatrice Kyambadde, Head of Security, BoU and others to give an account of how ‘documents’ regarding sale of banks were sneaked out of BoU premises. This is after CCTV cameras captured Bagyenda’s aides on 10th, February, 2018 carrying bags out of the bank before returning them on 14th March 2018. It is suspected that on these two days, Bagyenda allegedly uttered with crucial documents.

Indeed, the aides accepted that they carried the bags out and in of BoU, but insisted that they did not know what was contained in the bags and that they handed them to Bagyenda who was waiting in the car. Bagyenda’s aide Adikorit however contradicted herself despite being on oath, prompting the committee to hand them over to the Parliament Police CID.

On Wednesday, Committee Chairperson Abdu Katuntu formed a special Committee to inquire into circumstances under which Ms Bagyenda took the suspicious bags, with the investigation now extended to cover her Aide-De-Camp (ADC), driver and two other security officers who CCTV footage showed took part in the activity.



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