Victoria Boat Accident Victims Were Cautioned But Failed to Listen – Ofwono

Ofwono Opondo

Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has called upon Ugandans to unconditionally respect guidelines and advice given by the authority.

Speaking while giving his count on the last weekend Lake Victoria tragic incident, Ofwono said this was so unfortunate but also avoidable.

Ofwono notes that the people were cautioned but they failed to heed to this call.

“I send my condolences to the bereaved families, however, people were cautioned but they failed to heed to this call. This has become a culture to not listen to people, nobody cares about what a police officer says. I think it’s necessary to have self-introspection, we need to have personal inspection.” Ofwono State.

He insists that its surprising that people who have some form of influence and power do not respect the police yet there are established ways of challenging the decision of the police.

“As Ugandans, we need to have personal responsibilities. Government for example is blamed for accidents that are caused by drunk drivers. Sometimes, we need to be responsible at personal level. We need to strongly take personal responsibility, we as well need to have assets of the state being more efficient and accountable. We run a society with people who are there.” He stated.

Today Friday 30th November 2018, Uganda is holding a national mourning day for the people that lost their lives in the catastrophic Saturday Incident.

Flags at all government and public places have been hanged at half-mast in respect of the live of the deceased. However strict bylaws have been enacted and the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, revealed that Parliament will amend the necessary laws in a bid to ensure safe transport on the lakes around the country.

She notes that many Ugandans who use water transport, especially fishermen, face many risks on the water, which would otherwise be averted with an improved law.

”The Act we are using is from 1904 and we have not amended the Vessel Act ever since. It is a matter we need to attend to, to make maritime transport safe,” Kadaga said.

Kadaga said the boat tragedy is likely to affect the domestic tourism potential adding that with a revised law in place, marine tourism can boost the country’s economy.

“I pledge that Parliament will expeditiously plug any loopholes in the laws that regulate the management of water transport in our country as soon as they are presented by Government for consideration,” Kadaga added.

She also condoled with victims of the Busiika rally accident that occurred on Sunday, 25 November 2018 leaving one person dead and nine others injured.

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