FDC Youth League Flipped into Controversy Over Invisible Hand Interjection


The opposition Forum for Democratic Change resolution to impeach its youth league Chairperson Idi Ouma, has continued gearing a lot of mixed reactions.

Ouma was replaced by Walid Lubega, a moved that has been massively opposed thus forcing him to drag the party to court.

According to the FDC national chairperson Wasswa Biriggwa, the decision was reached followed a membership audit conducted after Gen Mugisha Muntu quit the party taking with him some members.

This decision has not only sawed seeds of bitter brawls within the party as some of the party members wonder who might have acted in breach of the party constitution.

“(1) Who has powers to alter a NEC decision? The organ sat and resolved that the National youth council should convene Feb, 2018?
(2) Which article in the FDC constitution gives anyone powers to appoint a National chairperson of a youth league?
(3) What parameters did the base on to disappoint the legitimate chairperson of the league, IDDI Ouma? If it was for incompetence, how was it measured?
” Asked by one of the former Youth Leaders in the opposition Forum for Democratic Change Kasule Ismail.

“As you may recall, I was elected as the Western region vice chairperson in 2015 and our 5-year time will end in 2020. I am also an elected municipal councilor on FDC ticket. Today, few leaders (not the youth who elected me) met and decided to replace me with another individual. Now that they no longer recognize me as an FDC leader, what happens to my “councilor” position?” Kasule asked.

He also states, “Lastly, I have been told that there were no elections held but rather, the new leaders were appointed. Where in the FDC or youth league constitutions is anyone allowed to appoint such party officers? (National C/P, Vice Chairperson). In short, what happened at Najjanankumbi does not meet the minimum legal requirements.”




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