Your Days are Numbered – Museveni Warns Corrupt officials

President Yoweri Museveni has challenged Ugandans to become steadfast and brave in the fight against corruption.

Speaking during the anti-corruption dialogue held at Imperial Royal Hotel, Museveni stated that he does not like leading naïve people that think that there is always someone supposed to do for them even simple tasks.

Museveni also revealed that there is corruption busy mushrooming in government institutions of especially Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and the central Bank (Bank of Uganda) in spite of all these efforts made to crack it down.

Museveni however warned all government officials to clean themselves before it’s too late citing once one if caught in the dubious acts, then will serve as an example for the others to learn.

“But remuneration can’t replace integrity because some of the areas where there is a problem, people are well remunerated URA, they get very good salaries and so why would you have corrupt people there. Bank of Uganda, there is corruption there and so there is Kawukumi (Bean weevils), Kawukumi, there is muwembe and gradually Kawukumi has come in there now and so remuneration is not a cure but patriotism first” Museveni said.

Museveni adds that the fight against graft is not a one man battle, therefore all countrymen have to come together to see the bad act is denied chance to grow in the pearl of Africa.

It should be noted that during the State of Nations address, Museveni announced the return of Major Edith Nakalema to head the State House anti-corruption unit.

Museveni noted that corruption has persisted because those who aid and practice it are not exposed. As part of his efforts to fight the vice, Museveni announced a toll free number 0800-100770, which is in his office to enable Ugandans to volunteer information on corruption.

In addition to the toll-free line, Museveni also read out Major Nakalema’s mobile number 0772634743, saying Ugandans can directly reach her. This is in addition to the new unit he announced during the June 2018 State of the Nation Address, he said would help fight corruption in Uganda.

Nakalema who had just returned from a specialized course at the Joint Services and Command Staff College (JSCSC) in the UK Defense Academy in Shrivenham to take up the task.

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