Andy Events Bans B2C From Performing All Songs Released Under His Management

According to Andy Events, he says that in the contract that they signed, all the songs belong to him legally and therefore he has all the rights to hand them to another artiste.

Former B2C Manager, Andy Events has asked the B2C boys to stop performing all the songs they released while he was still their manger.

Much more, Andy says that he used his money to invest in their songs and therefore it will be theft if they continue earning from his hard work and sweat.

“It is true that I want the boys to give up all their songs because they legally belong to me,” Any said.

This comes after Andy Events asked the boys to also drop their stage name after firing him as their manager.

The boys fired Andy E vents last year on claims that he was not giving them enough money after their successful concerts. According to them, he used all their money to pay off his debts.

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