Bebe Cool To Upgrade Uganda’s Music Industry With Latest Technology

Singer Bebe Cool has revealed that  he is going to improve Uganda’s music industry by setting up high tech music labs in in the country so that Ugandan artistes can compete on the International music market.

The Gagamel CEO has spent over three months in USA where he is living with his mother and award-winning videographer Sasha Vybz.

The Nsilikamu singer has revealed that he has always desired to set up the best music studios and editing labs with the latest technology in Uganda and this is a big achievement for him and the entire music fraternity

To see that his dream comes true, Bebe Cool  invited Sasha Vybz to join him in USA so that they could learn how to operate the high tech equipment before he acquires them.

Bebe also adds that Ugandans will be proud of his works when he returns.

This comes after Bebe Cool decided to go into hibernation, put off all his public performances and decided to go to the USA. It should be noted that  Bebe Cool was thrown off stage as his fans threw bottles at him because of his political affiliations.

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