Bobi Wine Condemns Government For Frustrating Women In Business

The Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, ROBERT KYAGULANYI alias Bobi Wine has condemned the government of Uganda for frustrating women who are trying to make a living and a survival.

According to the Kyadondo Member of Parliament, he says that Government is hypocritical by advocating for Female emancipation and yet it goes ahead to frustrate the work of women who are trying to stop being dependent on men.

“Instead of being supported by the government, the government is frustrating her to the point of near death! Her story represents many, many Ugandans in their different trades,” he said.

Bobi Wine adds that very many women have come out to venture into an industry dominated by men but the government is constantly making it impossible for them top earn from their hard work.

“As she lay on the ground gasping for breath, I could not help but imagine about the struggles of the common person in this country. The poor lady is trying so hard to make ends meet. She dared venture into an industry dominated by men,” she said.

This comes after Bobi Wine’s promoter, Sarah Nassuna fainted after a show she had tirelessly organized was canceled by police.

“Sadly, the promoter who had organized the show today, Sarah Nasuuna, one of the most hard working women I know, was hit by high blood pressure on being told she could not proceed with the show tonight even when she had obtained the requisite clearance and spent a lot of resources trying to make the show possible,” Bobi Wine said.

It should be noted that Bobi Wine and his team went to meet the IGP so as to get an explanation about their canceled shows but all was in vain as the IGP allegedly hid from them and left them with no answers. This is his fourth show to be canceled by police for anonymous reasons.

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