Either Inform the IGP or Forget about the Festive Season – Police to Events Organizers

The Uganda Police Force has issued six strict security and safety guidelines for securing music (entertainment) shows, concerts and performances ahead of the Christmas season.

Speaking while addressing journalists at the police headquarters, the police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said all organizers a bid by all the guidelines or the face the wrath of the forth that will either block their events from happening or arrests the organizers.

Kayima adds that organizers have to of any event have to inform the inspector general of police Martin Ochola in writing indicating the measures they have in place to manage the crowds.

He also reveals that for any event to be Okayed, it also has to prove its capacity to handle emergencies and elaborate access to control measures.

“The guidelines will ensure safety and security for all people including revelers, organizers and security personnel.” Kayima stated.

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