OPINION: Why the IPOD Summit Was As Useless As a Rat Seeking Justice from A Cat

Last time I saw Museveni sited in some luxurious hotel in Kampala with the Norbert Mao’s and some other opposition big shots in what they call inter party organisation for dialogue in a lavish function that ended with plastic smiles and I even saw Mao giving some DP cap to Museveni.

Some opposition parties like FDC decided to boycott the sugar coated event.
Whereas of recent I have not been in good books with FDC, I however don’t say boycotting the “dialogue” was the best option but still think attending was not the best option either because after all trusting your goats to be protected by a leopard is as bad as leaving them unprotected or even worse anyway.

What the opposition ought to understand is that dialogue without compromise is not dialogue. 
Mr Museveni is one of the few Ugandans who does not compromise his principles especially when pursuing his interests.

Secondly, Museveni is one man who does not himself believe in dialogue. 
If anyone contests this, then first explain to me what warranted the 1980-86 bush war. 
If he believes in peace and dialogue as he constantly sings it, why didn’t he first seek dialogue with Obote before running to the jungles? 
If his votes were rigged as he purports why didn’t he first at least seek redress in courts before picking arms?

That behavior he showed then and the one his showing now is a clear indicator that he goes for dialogue only if he is convinced that his on top of the game and therefore he is going to hoodwink the rest.

Am sure that the only reason Museveni offered his time to attend that meeting was to portray to his western donors that he is a democrat. 
Nothing more than that so those who expect the implementation of what was discussed, kindly swallow your chill pills and relax.

Thirdly if the reason for his attendance in that meeting was to harmonize the political environment, then why did he refuse the inter religious national dialogue claiming there is no situation that warrants dialogue at the moment.
If indeed there is no situation that requires dialogue then what warranted this?

The only worry I have Is that for now thirty years, Ugandans and the opposition seem not to have yet understood the person they are dealing with because if they did, I expected people like elder Mao to understand that sitting on table to discuss with Museveni is as useless as squeezing a stone expecting it to release water.

But all the same I will congratulate chairman Mao and group for also getting chance to eat on the tax payers money because I saw some good cups of coffee in the summit, that’s the only achievement.

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this write up are individual opinions and not aimed at causing any form of mental anguish whatsoever anything that may be felt in that regard is at that person’s own volition.

By Isande Atanazio. 
The Dream Team. 

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