English is for Poor People, Parliament Should Debate in Local Languages- Kato Lubwama

Rubaga South MP Kato Lubwama wants Members of Parliament to debate in their mother tongue rather than struggling with English-a difficult foreign language which does not add value to Ugandans.

City comedian Lubwama who turned a politician after ousting another comedian Ken Lukyamuzi in 2016 elections told journalists at Parliament that English disturbs many MPs and there is need to debate in local languages. He also explained why he has stopped giving media interviews in English saying that the Queen’s language is useless and does not add any value to the livelihood of Ugandans.

While speaking in Luganda, Kato Lubwama said as translated, “I am considering stopping giving out interviews in English because I cannot start promoting a foreign language because it is of no value. I have not seen anyone who has received a billion shilling for speaking good English. In fact those who speak English are the top drinkers of waragi.”

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