MPs Pictured Eating 5k Food in Downtown as Parliament Canteen Remains Closed

It is now fashionable to find a group of Members of Parliament struggle for seats with omuntu wa wawansi in downtown for 5k food.

This comes after the Parliament canteen was closed after the parliamentary commissioner last year ended the contract of Hellenar’s Restaurant and Bar that has been offering catering services to Parliament for over 3 years. The same commission also advertised inviting bids in which M/s Romeo’s Restaurant and Bar Limited emerged the best evaluated bidder to provide catering services for MPs. However, the new service provider has not yet started providing catering services after the proprietor of Hellenar’s Restaurant went to court challenging their dismissal. This crisis has left the parliament canteen closed as MPs ponder for cheap foods outside the parliament premises. MPs have been having free meals at the parliament canteen.

The latest is that this crisis has forced MPs to look for cheap meals that range from Shs5,000 to Shs7,000 after finding meals at posh hotels like nearby Serena unaffordable.

The MPs have resorted to cheap restaurants on Dewinto Road and our reporter have since Tuesday been sighting them secretly sneaking into these restaurants for meals. On Wednesday, four MPs from Northern Uganda led by Kaps Fungaroo (Obongi County), were sighted as Acamker Restaurant where they were enjoying their local foods.

On Tuesday, MPs; James Waluswaka and Silas Aogon addressed a presser protesting the closure of parliament canteen saying it is going to cartel the quality of debate because MPs cant debate on an empty stomach.   

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