Central Bank flouted security rules on Bagyenda

The Central Bank flouted its own security systems when the former Director for Supervision, Ms. Justine Bagyenda, was allowed in and out of the bank without being subjected to the laid down procedures.

In the process, Ms. Bagyenda, as recorded by the bank’s CCTV cameras, moved bags containing unknown contents in and out of the premises.

Bagyenda was for the first time shown the recordings during a sitting of Parliament’s Committee on Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE), chaired by Hon. Abdu Katuntu (FDC, Bugweri) on Thursday, 10 January 2019.

Bagyenda appeared together with Bank of Uganda officials including the Director of Security, Milton Opio.

The MPs queried Opio on why some vehicles shown in the video footage did not go through the mandatory checking as required in the Central Banks security regulations, asking if the security personnel at the time had been disciplined for the anomaly.

“Is it a common practice for people to enter the Central Bank’s premises without having their vehicle searched and what action do you take when vehicles are not searched; who is responsible?” asked Hon. Anita Among (Ind., Bukedea district), the Vice Chairperson of the Committee.

The footage presented to COSASE showed two individuals taking out suitcases from the Bank building, and later showed two vehicles exiting the Bank.

Bagyenda told the Committee that the luggage contained literature presented at a bankers’ conference in South Africa, which she was returning to the bank on her way from Entebbe airport.

“I did not breach any security measures because I passed through the scanners and presented myself for checking,” said Bagyenda, adding that “In the bags, I had presentations and gifts from a conference I attended in South Africa.”

Bagyenda also said that she was unaware of the restrictions on visitors to the bank when she met Ashwir Kumar, the Managing Director Bank of Baroda, outside normal visiting hours.

Opio acknowledged that the security officers had failed to follow the provisions set for their duties of ensuring security of the institution, adding that some had been subjected to disciplinary measures, while others remain under investigation.

“The security staff flouted security regulations of the bank by not checking the bags as per the CCTV footage; but they also mentioned intimidation. We are still investigating to see if there was any connivance,” said Opio.

The Committee asked Opio to present a report detailing records of vehicle registration numbers and names of visitors to the Central Bank in the period.

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