I Will Continue Exposing Corrupt Officials- Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has assured the nation of her commitment in fighting corruption.
Kadaga said she will continue exposing the corrupt despite the threats she has received.
“I did tell the Members last year when I talked about the harassment of the fishermen by the army that there is a minister who came to my office and told me to stop talking about the army,” said Kadaga.

The Speaker said that she will not protect any corrupt officials irrespective of the party they belong to. She added that, ‘there is no excuse for being corrupt. Any individual who engages in corruption does it on their own behalf and not that of the party’.
She said that as a country, Uganda has no common agenda to commit atrocities and therefore individuals who are corrupt should be dealt with.
Kadaga was responding to a concern raised by Retired Bishop of North Kigezi, Edward Muhima who said that Uganda has a very high degree of corruption which he attributed to lack of faithfulness from the leadership.  
This was during the ecumenical prayers to mark the start of the Third Annual Parliament Week on Monday, 14 January 2018. The Week is being held under the theme; ‘Championing accountability to improve service delivery’.
Bishop Muhima challenged Members of Parliament to lead by example and champion the fight against corruption if the country is to achieve improved service delivery.
“For us to champion accountability, we need to be stewards with values which we can demonstrate, teach and instill in others,” Bishop Muhima said.
He called on leaders to uphold and promote values such as honesty, faithfulness, transparency, accommodativeness, patience, time consciousness, team work and integrity as they perform their duties.
“These values can only be upheld through believing in Christ but not religion,” said Bishop Muhima.
Deputy Mufti, Sheikh Ali Mohammed Waiswa called on Ugandans to understand their limits, so that they may not suffer the consequences of their failure.
“Prophet Mohammadsaid that grace upon a person who knows their limit. For that matter we pray for his intercession that he helps us to accord our nation the innermost of our best,” said Sheik Waiswa.

The Parliament Week runs from 13 to 19 January 2019. The week-long event will be characterized by several activities aimed at bringing members of the public closer to Parliament.
The activities include meet your MP sessions, a public parliament and a panel discussion involving LC 5 chairpersons.
Over 20 departments of Parliament and selected ministries, departments and agencies will be exhibiting and showcasing their work.

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