Bebe Cool Joins Bobi Wine’s ‘School of Thought’, Rejects Newly Introduced Musician Laws

Gagamel Boss and Singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has gone at crossroads with the government he has passionately supported for decades over the newly introduced Musician laws.  

According rules and regulations proposed by the Ministry of Gender, Labour & social Development are aimed at guiding the entertainment business.

Speaking while appearing on NXT Radio Saturday talk show, Bebe Cool said that musicians should have been consulted first and their ideas taken.

“If they don’t consult us…the right stake holders, we can put down this law.” Bebe Cool furiously Stated.

He added that As a musician, “I have been doing 4-5 gigs a night and each gig is Shs5M. I need a solution to tell me how I can earn this Shs20-Shs25M every night from one show.”

If these laws are effected, every artist will have to get a license to sing in Uganda, the artist will also get permission to shoot a music video and no artist shall perform in more than one venue on the same day, among others.

It should be noted that government has already called upon all artists to register and they have all refused.

Last week, the Artists’ umbrella body the Federation of Performing Artistes of Uganda (FPAU) issued a statement to all Musicians urging them to remain calm amidst the New Regulation tension.

According to their president Mr. Andrew Benon Kibuuka, he noted that they making the necessary engagements to see that the escalating gap between Musicians and the government is bridged as soon as possible.  

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