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DR Congo court Trashes Kagame’s AU Sentiments, Upholds Tshisekedi Presidential Election Win

The constitutional court in the Democratic Republic of Congo has upheld the victory of opposition presidential candidate Felix Tshisekedi.

The court rejected an appeal by Martin Fayulu, another opposition contender in the 30 December poll.

Mr Fayulu argued that Mr Tshisekedi had made a power-sharing deal with outgoing President Joseph Kabila. Mr Tshisekedi’s team denies this.

Despite the court ruling, Mr Fayulu said he was a “legitimate” president.

Mr Fayulu also urged the international community not to recognise the official election result.

The African Union (AU) said on Friday that there were “serious doubts” about the outcome of elections.

What did the court say?

The court said Mr Fayulu had failed to prove that the election commission had announced false results.

It went on to declare “Felix Tshisekedi president of the Democratic Republic of Congo by simple majority”.

He is now expected to be sworn in within 10 days.

Violence has always accompanied the transfer of power from one leader to another.

But the confirmation of the official result could create the first orderly transfer of power since DR Congo’s independence from Belgium in 1960.


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