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Hilderman to Bebe Cool: Eating Museveni Money Doesn’t Mean I become a Bootlicker, I still Have My Brains

Mazongoto Singer Dr. Hilderman alias Kiyaga Hillary Innocent has mocked Bebe Cool and described him as an attention seeker.

This comment follows Video unleashed by Bebe Cool which has gone viral Indicating Hilderman receiving money donated by President Museveni, the person he is currently disagreeing with politically.

Dr Hilderman admitted that he took Shs2 million from Bebe Cool but revealed that it doesn’t mean that he is not allowed to support any other political party or take away his brains to think between what is right and wrong.

The money was part of the Shs400 million donated by President Museveni to be used by artistes to establish a Sacco.

On Friday last week, Bebe Cool threatened to release videos of all the artistes who took this money. His argument was that the same artistes are constantly abusing President Museveni. He gave them 24 hours to publicly admit receipt of the money.

Below is Dr Hilderman’s response to Bebe Cool in full:

“I was part of the 2016 campaign trail for president Museveni. With all due respect we had a contract and Memorandum of understanding between me and the contracting body KK Advocates which deserves respect.

I was contracted to offer a service which i openly performed with dignity and royalty as was instructed by our MOU and I was paid. This campaign was branded with the Tubonga Nawe song which was launched in 2016 at Munyonyo where i was invited as a guest. The President was the chief guest and he pledged 400 million towards the artists sacco. Bebe cool was granted the platform of speaking on behalf of all artists and so followed up the president’s pledge.

While at Sheraton some evening, a colleague called me and informed me how Bebe was distributing money to artists who attended the Munyonyo event which i had also attended. I rang Bebe and he directed me to find him at Serena Hotel. Bebe told me the money was only for musicians who featured in Tubonga Nawe song but not all artists.

 Since I never featured in the song, I automatically bought his statement. I decided to leave his hotel but before closing the door he called me back and gave me 2millions (two millions) and told me to sign for his easy accountability to legit beneficiaries. In the audio he muted this should reflect.
• I was part of the 2016 President Museveni campaign trail and I have never declined.
• For my services, the contracting body paid me the agreed sum of money.
• I was contracted for a period of time not on a permanent basis.
• No future political regulations were put on me, meaning after my contract I was free to exercise my rights and freedom as any Ugandan.
• In case this money was for artists sacco, it was unlawful for Bebe who was mandated to deliver it to sacco administrations to personally distribute it to individuals especially when he had been directed by the Donor body
• I received 2 million shillings from Bebe and I signed for it, it would be more professional in all your BLACKMAIL endeavors to bring out everything since you called it accountability.
• The public would be interested to know how a respected Ugandan spent their money. Lay out how you distributed it in case your accountability is not aimed at black mail.
• It would be with good spirit also to inform the public how far the sacco establishment has gone so far since you were mandated and facilitated as per your acknowledgement in your

I have never DENIED participating in the NRM campaigns and struggles, actually not only for last 2016 but also the previous ones. I repeat, mbade wa NRM era nga sikikweka nga era bwesikweka kulaga nti nakyuka. Our aim is to unite all forces not create disunity. There are major issues at stake than your petty wars, as an elder brother your task would be actually to establish reasons why artists who supported muzei are running away. Your task now would be not losing anymore Hildermanz to the opposing side if you genuinely love your party.

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