“I only Sleep for Four Hours” Minister Kasaija Says Increasing Youth Unemployment Gives him Sleepless Nights

The Minister of Finance, Matia Kasaija has said that the increasing youth unemployment has left him sleep deprived, and is only capable of sleeping for four hours in a day.

Kasaija made the remarks today during the launch of the equal opportunities commission report held at Imperial Royale Hotel saying the trend where the rich people are getting richer, while the poor become poorer needs to be dealt with before tables turn.

The Minister explained: “Opportunities are available, we can’t get jobs for all of them but we are working very hard, I can tell you I am working around the clock. Me I tell you, I don’t sleep, I sleep only for four hours, I am thinking on how to employ these many millions of Ugandans. We must work united to create jobs for these young people who are coming, if we don’t do that, we are building on sand.”

Kasaija has also expressed worry over the increasing widening gap between the poor and rich Ugandans especially in the areas of Kampala, warning that the rich cannot enjoy their wealth in an environment where the majority are poor.

“In as much as I am in charge of the economy of this country, I want to see everybody coming up the economic ladder. I detest to see situations that are prevailing in some other countries; the rich are rich, the poor are poor, I will not superintend over such a system,” Kasaija said.

The Minister said that there is need for the poor people to rise in opportunities not to have the rich become extremely rich and the poor become poor, warning that if this doesn’t happen, the future might be catastrophic.

“I am not trying to be a devil’s advocate, but when there is so much inequality. You can’t enjoy wealth in a sea of poverty. If some countries are so poor and you are rich, one day the tables may turn,” said the Minister.

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