5 eCommerce trends to look out for this year

eCommerce is constantly evolving as more people get access to the Internet. Online shopping site Jumia looks at the different trends we expect this year.

  1. Consumers will drive innovation.  The customer market is dynamic and customer demands are not slowing down. We live in a world where consumers are gaining access to more options and feedback is much easier to share with brands, especially via social media.

Brands will greatly consider the customer’s voice regarding different aspects of their business like processes, ideas, services and products, and this will inform their innovative decisions. Innovation provides a competitive age, especially when it’s informed by consumer needs. When you know what your consumers think of you, innovation becomes easier.

  1. Social shopping – Social shopping is a combination of e-commerce with social media networking technologies to augment users’ real-life shopping experiences.Social media sites are also evolving to make it easier to make purchasing decisions without leaving the app. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide recommendations, share reviews on services and products to one’s network of friends and contacts.

The idea behind social shopping is that individuals are influenced by their friends purchases and recommendations

Fun fact: 9 out of 10 consumers turn to social media for help with a buying decision

  1. Online-first ecommerce brands are venturing offline by way of pop-up stores, events and festivals, especially for marketing purposes.

They seek to provide an enhanced experience to their customers by engaging more directly and via different touchpoints. Jumia has already opened up additional pick up stations in Kampala and upcountry areas in order to make their services more accessible to customers.  Brands also want to provide additional value through offline events that overlap with their target audience.

  1. Personalization – with the rise in tech and the era of information, personalization, as a marketing tactic, will intensify. More personalized content based on users browsing interests and past behaviour will be frequently shared as a means to increase valuable experiences.
  1. Influencer marketing – This isn’t a new trend per se, however 2019 will see it become more prevalent here in Uganda. More and more individuals that have grown their following in niches of business, economics, lifestyle are positioning themselves as brands to foster partnerships with brands seeking more engagement with their audiences. Brands will use this avenue to connect with their target audiences.

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