12 Terrible Mistakes That You Should Avoid During SEX


Oops! This is so annoying. While it can be accidental, you must try as hard as possible not to let out that pungent gas while making love. Otherwise, it will spoil the moment and may also affect your self-esteem.

Point out their physical imperfections.

“Pointing out any imperfections. They’re trusting you enough to take their clothes off for you, so the least you can do is enjoy the beauty of the human body before you and not focus on any flaws.”

Act like a gorilla.

“Acting like a gorilla (beating chest, grunting noises, picking bugs out of partner’s hair, etc.) during sex.”

Missing the target

This is for men who can hardly differentiate between the two holes. Wait, who even does that? Anyway, be keen not to miss it as it can offend your woman or send the wrong message.

Bite the clit.

Biting the clit is a complete turnoff as it can cause wounds and pain to the woman hence making penetration.

Fall asleep

This is a grave sin when it comes to sex matters. It just shows how disinterested you are and you should not start it if you are already feeling sleepy.

Attempt complicated yoga positions.

“Don’t assume your partner is flexible or strong enough for creative sex positions without asking. Pulled muscles and dislocated joints kill the mood.”

Ask for consent every step of the way.

“Asking consent for everything. It’s sweet and everything but sometimes it just takes the mood out of it. If I want to retract the consent I gave you beginning of the night I will say so. You don’t need to ask every five minutes.”

Assume You Know What She Wants

Women are so different and so you should not assume that what the past women wanted will always be the same. Different women have different sexual desires therefore, involve her in the practice so that you do it right the way you both want it.

Picking Up Your phone

You will have all the time to chat with friends and answer those phone calls. But in the meantime, you had better concentrate on making love and giving your partner their out of this world sexual encounter. It’s advisable to keep the phone as far as possible to stop distraction.

Reciprocate the favor

If they gave you an oral job, be ready to pay back. Otherwise, it will be so mean of you. Also, if you happen to cum earlier, do not leave your partner unattended. Ensure they also climax through other ways besides penetration.

Dry penetration

Ouch! This really hurts and every guy ought to get this clearly in their minds. Guys should enure that the woman is wet enough so that they do not cause any pain or harm to the woman.


Very many women get emotional and break down during sex. However, this should not occur because the man can confuse your emotional outbreak and assume that he is hurting you. He will eventually stop because men hate to believe that they are not doing it right.

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