Besigye Shall Never Win, But We Can Help Him Become Museveni’s Vice – NRM’s Waluswaka Sweet-talks FDC

Ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party’s Hon. James Waluswaka has prophesized that leading opposition figure and 4 time presidential aspirant Dr. Kiiza Besigye Kifefe will never win an election against president Museveni.

Speaking while appearing on the Buganda Kingdom owned CBS radio station, Waluswaka noted that Besigye should either quit politics or negotiate a leadership position with the ruling party.

The Bunyoli lawmaker underscores the fact that Besigye’s efforts and work doesn’t deserve to be taken for granted therefore it would be a better idea to bring him closer and work with the Fountain of Honor in bid to take the Pearl of Africa to another level.

“This is better other than leaving him out yet Besigye must be having some ideas that are good for State. We can help him become vice president but if they think it has to be president Museveni to move out of power first, then they should better forget.” Waluswaka said.

He added that there is need to emulate what transpires in Kenya where leaders jointly work together but tendencies of wanting to sabotage a legitimate government are not good and misleading.

It should be noted that these comments follow the statement by the opposition leadership in Parliament that revealed their plans to unleash a private members bill seeking to make some amendments in the constitutions.

Among these is to include presidential aspirants who garner 10 per cent of the vote as ex-officios in Parliament.

The Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Betty Aol Ocan, said that presidential candidates who get a certain percentage of votes should have seats as ex-officio members in a bid to have an independent Parliament.

Speaking to the media, Wednesday, 30 January 2018, Aol Ocan said the Opposition will seek leave of Parliament to present the bill.

“We shall move a private members bill entitled the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2019 since the government has failed to present the necessary bills,” she said.

She added that the Bill would seek for the reinstatement of presidential term limits, the introduction of federal governments and the constitution of an independent electoral commission.

“The bill also seeks to have majority and minority leaders of Parliament, strengthening the military by withdrawing them from parliament and any partisan institutions and having a limited cabinet of not more than 21 Ministers, “Aol Ocan added.

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