Museveni Is Obsessed With Power – MP Zaake Implores NRM Not to Betray Uganda Again

The Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Hon. Francis Zaake Butebi has also joined hundreds of Ugandans rebuking the alleged move by the ruling party to introduce Electoral College system of voting presidents in Uganda.

Commenting in a lengthy social media post, Zaake said that they started it in rumors, the Fountain of Honor denied it, and yet its proponents consistently pursued their cause freely without hindrances.

He stated that some of them who stood with the people opposed the idea but at the expense of their lives, were clobbered near to death as an indication of how serious they wanted Art 102(b) repealed.

Zaake added that It is worth noting that by the time it was repealed the Head of Government- cum- The Commander-in-Chief of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces as per Art 98(1) of the 1995 Constitution of The Republic of Uganda had expressly declared his desire in expediting the process thereof.

“Article 1(4) of the Constitution of Uganda while emphasizing Sovereignty of the People provides that The People shall express their will and consent on who shall govern them and how they should be governed, through regular, free and fair elections of their representatives or through referenda. This provision of the constitution imports that the people possess ultimate power over those they vote to lead them but surprisingly what we see today in Uganda is contravention of this article.” Zaake noted citing that its unfortunate the leaders have usurped power from the people consequently making themselves accountable to none.

The youthful lawmaker also revealed that There is another move orchestrated by the NRM members of Parliament to arrogate to themselves Power given to the people under Articles 1 and 103 of the constitution of Uganda which provide for sovereignty of the People and participation in voting their president by universal adult suffrage through a secret ballot among other things respectively, and indeed as a modus operandi of the NRM Government, a rumor is already in circulation about the same.

“They intend to introduce a system where the people will be denied to vote their president, their propositions are hinged on introducing the Parliamentary model of Government where the executive obtains its legitimacy from the legislature with the Head of State being different from the Head of Government.” He noted.

Zaake added that this is the form of Government that colonialists left in Uganda, in this model the Head of Government is the Prime minister with executive powers, the position of the Head of State is usually inherent and its relevance is basically ceremonial.

“It is thought that by reason of the fact that Mr. Museveni is obsessed with power and yet so weak to face-off with Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert alias H.E Bobi Wine for President, he has chosen to consider shifting goalposts in order to avoid it.” Zaake Noted adding that President Museveni has never been trembled to the extent of seeking to dodge voters until recently when Hon. Kyagulanyi sent feelers to challenge him.

He says that the support that Bobi Wine enjoys especially among the youths is all around the Country which indicate that People Power will win but with a big margin.

“He seeks to introduce a Westminster model of Government to elude voters, alternatively he may be designing to prepare a monarchy out of Uganda for his retirement as king of kings. Ugandans must reject this move, making a monarchy out of Uganda will be the worst mistake ever done in our history.”zaake said.

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