Cancel Miss Curvy Contest, Apologize – Church of Uganda Tells Kiwanda

The Church of Uganda has also joined thousands condemning the proposed controversial Miss Curvy Uganda contest spearheaded by Minister for Tourism Hon.  Kiwanda Suubi.

In a statement issued this morning, the archbishop His Grace Stanley Ntagali said the church condemns the proposed beauty pageant calling for its cancellation.

His Grace Ntagali also noted such a contest brings shame upon families and the country at large.

“This is a demonstration of how low the country has fallen and as such cannot be accepted. Such a contest undermines the dignity of women and all the church has worked for to advance girl-child education and opportunities for women to take their part in contributing fully to national and family development.” Ntagali noted.

This comes amidst calls from women rights activists for the state minister of Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda to resign following his launch of the “Miss Curvy Women” contest, in an effort to boost tourism of the country.

The former leader of opposition Hon. Winnie Kizza said the whole idea is not gender sensitive and insulting to the women.

“Together with my colleagues of Uganda Women Parliamentary Association, we condemn acts of objectifying/dehumanizing Women. The Minister should have known that women are more than just bodies, and so we should be treated with honor and respect.” Winnie Kiiza Stated.

Winnie Kiiza added that because they are his daughters, wives and mothers; it’s only prudent that the project be cancelled with immediate effect.

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