Uganda to host 1st Strategic Leaders’ summit, An Impactful Life Changing Session

Uganda is set to host a strategic Leaders summit under the theme, “Innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship development in times of uncertainties”. Organized by Human Capital International (HCI) a human capital development company based in the UK with offices in Ghana and here in Uganda, The Summit, which is going to be an annual event is scheduled for the 20th of February at the Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

The event seeks to create awareness among entrepreneurs, leaders, Managers, academia and public officials to understand the strategies for taking charge and turning things around during times of uncertainties. This is in a bid to be able to deal with the governance and entrepreneurial leadership challenges confronting Africa.

Addressing the media at a press conference this morning, Emmanuel Dei-Tumi, the founder HCI said, The need for quality leadership mind-set and the collaborative input of civil society, youth groups and other corporate bodies in the effort to transform the fortunes of businesses, governance and institutions in Africa has become extremely crucial.

He added that It is in this context that the Strategic Leaders’ Summit is focusing on how to galvanize entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and government to understand the strategies for taking charge and turning things around during times of uncertainties. This will ensure that our next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs become resourceful and key players in building our nations.

Dei-Tumi explained that the levels of quality leadership, innovation and creative thinking among Africans in the past were unparalleled, with the fight for political independence and economic emancipation. However, African nations seem to be losing all the post-independence verve and commitment and is increasingly falling prey to other foreign cultures, drifting off the cause of national development.

“This summit will help Entrepreneurs, business leaders, Policy makers and Academia understand the forces that are bringing sweeping changes on the continent and how these changes relate to human capital development on the continent. It will also create a platform for participants to share experiences and recommended strategies for leading during uncertain times. This will offer participants an opportunity to build stronger networks and also give them ample time to share and learn from each other,” he added.

The conference features The Summit will focus on special thematic Themes to bring home the key strategies required to not only survive in these of change but also to ensure that businesses in Africa become a force to reckon with at the global level.  Speakers The CEO of Human Capital International, Emmanuel Dei-Tumi, city businessman Patrick Bitature, Ecobank Managing Director Clement Doodoo and Msingi Africa CEO Aggie Konde, to mention but a

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