Charis Bible College Boss Chews Own Flock in Secret Affair

Douglas Busuulwa, the director of the Charis Bible College Uganda (CBC) has reportedly turned his ‘gun’ on his own flock and is considering to marry one of the gals from his Church.
Busuulwa has been likened to a Shepherd who turns to eat his own flock rather than protecting them from danger like the biblical story of the Good Shepherd.
The Insider has established that the Man of God is having a secret affair with a white gal from the same church identified as Madison Peterfield whom he appointed as his personal assistant. Later it was discovered the appointment was strategic enough to facilitate their love affair. This strategic appointment gave the two a leverage to be so close to each other at work. They however extended the closeness outside work.

Reports that we came to confirm indicate Busuulwa abandoned his apartment in Mbalwa and joined Madison in her apartment in Ntinda. His neighbors likened him to a landlord who surfaces once in a while to collect rent.

Busuulwa and Madison are pictured together in their Harrier car.

The two have been cited several times whispering sweet nothings, in a Harrier UAN 325Y on their way to and fro Park Royal building where their office is.
When contacted, Busuulwa admitted having an affair and spending several nights with her despite not being married as opposed to his faith. CBC has strict code of ethics which only require wedded couples to sleep together.

Madison’s apartment in Ntinda

This affair is not expected to go down well with Madison’s parents Rebekah and Rick Peterfield who are devoted Christians running the Faith Family Church in South Carolina.
CBC is run by Andrew Wommack ministries, one of the biggest international ministries in over 120 countries.

Madison’s parents

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