That’s trash, I did it Intentionally and I Can’t Apologize to Bamugemereire – Rukutana

The Deputy Attorney General, Mwesigwa Rukutana has said he doesn’t regret going verbal with Land Commission head, Justice Catherine Bamugemereire.

This happened over the Shs24billion compensation to Dr Muhammad Kasasa over Mutungo land.

speaking to our Insider, Rukutana said all that whatever transpired were done intentional and owes no apology to anyone.  

He says there is no way he can respect someone who can’t respect others in their different capacities.

According to the video that viral last evening, Rukutana displayed total lack of respect for the commission right from the start and often gave long explanations but avoided the real gist of the matter.

At one-point Mr Rukutana told Justice Catherin Bamugemereire that “If you disrespect me, I disrespect you.”

Realising that they were not making any headway, the chairperson called for a short break to consult with fellow commissioners privately.

When they returned and seeing Mr Rukutana was still not providing answers as guided by the lead lawyer, Mr Ebert Byenkya, Justice Bamugemereire called off the session promising to refer the matter to President Museveni.

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