MPs to Grill Gen Kyaligonza Over Assault on Female Traffic Officer

Parliament will today (Wednesday) debate the gross misconduct of Gen Matayo Kyaligonza after he and his body guards assaulted a female traffic officer in Seeta over the weekend.

Kyaligonza, who is the Uganda’s Ambassador to Burundi and also NRM Vice chairperson for Western region reportedly, slapped Srgt. Esther Namaganda in the face after she stopped them for making a wrong U-turn in the middle of the road.

The latest is that MPs will today debate the conduct of Gen Kyaligonza who is still scot-free after his body guards were arrested by police for assaulting a traffic officer on duty.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has already rescheduled it as a matter of national importance and the minister in charge of Internal Affairs is expected to give a comprehensive statement to that effect.

On Monday, Kadaga condemned the act and wants Gen Kyaligonza and his body guards punished in courts of law. Kadaga was meeting women activists under their umbrella-Uganda Women Network (UWONET) who had delivered a petition to her office over the same and the Miss Curvy beauty contest.

“I saw on internet over the weekend UPDF officers assaulting a traffic officer on duty. I find the conduct unacceptable for a leader,” Kadaga said.

“I am glad they have arrested those UPDF officers who assaulted her and I hope government will take the matter to its final conclusion.”

Kadaga demanded for promotion of Sgt. Namaganda fro exhibiting high levels of professionalism.

“I will soon write to the Inspector General of Police [Martin Okoth Ochola] to have Sgt. Namaganda promoted to the next rank for the professionalism she exhibited.”

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