Senior Pastor Busuulwa Sacked Over Secret Affair with Female Flock

Early this month, we broke a story of how Douglas Busuulwa, the director of the Charis Bible College Uganda (CBC) is allegedly having a secret affair with a member of his church.

It was reported that Busuulwa is cohabiting with a white gal from the same church identified as Madison Peterfield whom he appointed as his personal assistant. Later it was discovered the appointment was strategic enough to facilitate their love affair. This strategic appointment gave the two a leverage to be so close to each other at work. They however extended the closeness outside work.

CBC is run by Andrew Wommack ministries, one of the biggest international ministries in over 120 countries.

The latest is that Busuulwa and his white babe, Madison have been fired from the church leadership by their bosses from Colorado in U.S.

“They have been fired on orders of their bosses in Colorado. The communication was made by Hans Baksteen, the Director of the Andrew Womack Ministries in Uganda, a Christian organization running the Charis Bible College,” a top source said. Apparently, Busuulwa and Madison have been reduced to mere volunteers.

According to our source who is also administrator but preferred to remain anonymous for fear of reprimand, the firing was pronounced during a video conference in Colorado on Friday.

Meanwhile, a series of babes who claimed Busuulwa has promised them marriages in vain are celebrating the move regretting why they could not realize he was playing them.

Busuulwa abandoned his apartment in Mbalwa and joined Madison in her apartment in Ntinda and have been living together.

The two have been cited several times whispering sweet nothings, in a Harrier UAN 325Y on their way to and fro Park Royal building where their office is.

Douglas Busuulwa joined Charis Bible College Uganda in 2011, and graduated in 2014. While still a student, Douglas was asked by the then Director to serve as the night office & building overseer, and later as the Correspondence Program coordinator. In 2016 he completed the Third Year Leadership Program, and started his internship as the Assistant Director in the Directors office. He was appointed the Director in January, 2017.

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