If You Didn’t Know, I’m People Power’s Chief Strategist – Abed Bwanika

Former presidential aspirant Abed Bwanika has also joined hundreds that have come out to condemn the Saturday incident where Veteran Politician Dr. Kiiza Besigye was almost hacked by alleged people Power Movement Members.

This incident happened at Mengo Bulange where Besigye had been invited for a radio talk show on CBS FM Hosted by seasoned Journalist Medie Nsereko Ssebuliba. The Wordy Youths stormed the highly guarded place chanting people power slogans and abusing Besigye for being the ruling party mole denying Bobi Wine chance to take the opposition struggle forward.

Speaking while appearing on NBS Television early this morning, Bwanaika noted that its so regrettable to find that such an incident happened.  

He added that there is no sane politician will support anyone to practice violence because of any disagreement.

“Hon. Namboze and the Lord Mayor were attacked some years back around Kiwangala. There was no people power then, so you can not claim that this (attack on Besigye) is what characterizes people power.” He said.

Bwanika who identified himself as people Power’s Chief Strategist noted that the famous pressure group has leadership that solve the matter amicably.

During the weekend, Famous musician turned politician Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu who doubles as People Power’s boss challenged Ugandans to become united as way to liberate Uganda.

Bobi wine stated that the incident was highly regrettable and uncalled for noting that People Power is non-violent group.

He added that they are yet to come to a conclusion after fully investigating the incident.

”Should we find that some of the people involved genuinely belong to People_Power, we shall take measures to fully address this. On our part, we continue to engage all forces of change, including Comrade Dr. Kiiza Besigye on how to take the struggle to the winning phase. We shall not allow anything to distract us from this important mission.” Bobi Wine added.

Bobi wine also revealed that they do not condone acts of violence against anyone.

“Let me once again implore all our supporters across the country to understand this and put it into practice.” Bobi wine Noted.

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