Kiir Flies to Uganda to Brief Museveni on progress of Peace Agreement

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Thursday, received and held meeting with South Sudan counterpart, Salva Kiir.

During the meeting Kiir briefed Museveni on the progress of implementation of the Peace Agreement, indicating that it was largely on course with the exception of a few issues that needed to be resolved.

Museveni advised that the leaders ( of South Sudan) should not be consumed by fights over boundaries; instead they should channel their efforts towards improving their people’s welfare and incomes.

“It does not matter what state or district you are in. It won’t change much if you are poor. What is important is to work towards eradicating poverty and improving your income,” he said.

He, however, added that if they must, it would be best to follow the colonial boundaries for both internal and inter-state demarcations in order to ensure security.

In August 2018, South Sudan warring parties signed an Agreement in Khartoum, Sudan to end four years of hostility and fighting. President Kiir signed on behalf of SPLM while Riek Machar signed on behalf of the rebelling groups.

Presidents; Museveni and Omar al-Bashir of Sudan were the agreement’s guarantors.

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