People Power Cabinet: Who is In?

Realistically, it might not be so easy for Museveni to leave power soon, but ever since the Kyadondo lawmaker Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu declared his ambitions to contest for the country’s top most office, one of the hardships he has encountered, is to convince people that he can fit in Kaguta’s Shoes.

Forget about the ‘Fiscal Policy’ Saga, His critics have also endlessly claimed that he does his works alone thereby concluding that he can’t run a state as singlehandedly.

Well its evident Bobi Wine has a monotonous team he walks with left right and center (Nubian Li, Eddy Mutwe, Ashburg Kato etc), but now emphasis must be drawn clear and lets differentiate between Bobi Wine the Musician and Bobi Wine the presidential hopeful.

Our investigations into the issue of the people most likely to back Bob Wine’s candidature, created form of mixed reactions as we wondered who would feature on the First People Power Cabinet if God Changed the rhythm.  

This list is not official, has been compiled by this website, but leaving that aside, Bobi Wine’s political circle is not only composed by the so called ‘Bayaye’ as several of his critics claim, but a strong, educated, exposed and experienced team, implying that if voted, he can’t hustle to establish a profound cabinet .

As a believer, there is no doubt if a miracle happened today and Bobi Wine is president, here is the sample of the faces that would feature on the first post Museveni government.

NAME                                                                                   POSITION

Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu                                    President

Winnie Kiiza                                                                        Vice President

Norbert Mao                                                                     Prime Minister

Asumani Basaalirwa                                                        justice and Constitutional Affairs

Gen. Mugisha Muntu                                                     Defense Minister

Francis Zaake Buteebi                                                    Minister for Presidency

Alice Alaso                                                                          Minister for Energy

Muwanga Kivumbi                                                          Finance Minister

Medard Lubega Ssegona                                              Attorney General

Pastor Abed Bwanika                                                     Ethics and Integrity

Wakayima Musoke                                                         Local Government

Anne Adeke                                                                       Health Minister 

Theodore Ssekikubo                                                      Housing and Planning  

Odonga Otto                                                                      Security

Paul Mwiru                                                                         Information and National Guidance

Monica Omoding                                                             Trade

Lutamaguzi Ssemakula                                                  Lands

John Baptist Nambeshe                                                                Agriculture

Mike Mabike                                                                     Internal Affairs

Gerald Karuhanga                                                            Foreign Affairs

Aisha Kabanda                                                                  Kampala

Robert Centenary                                                            Tourism

Joseph Ssewungu                                                            Education

Allan Ssewanyana                                                            Sports

Ssemakula Rajab Kaaya                                                                 Children and Youth Affairs

Mbwatekamwa Gaffa                                                    Fisheries

Andrew Karamagi                                                            Water

Kasiano Wadir                                                                   Works and Transport

Sam Lyomoki                                                                     Gender

Mukasa Mbidde                                                               EAC Affairs

Mathias Mpuuga                                                              Science and Technology

Walter Lubega Mukaku                                                                 Minister Without Portfolio 

Latif Ssebagala                                                                  Disaster and Preparedness

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