Opposition MPs Want Public Order Management Act Evaluated after Besigye, Amuriat Torture

Opposition MPs are calling on the Uganda Human Rights Commission to join them in condemning the manner in which police is conducting itself in stopping consultation meetings by opposition politicians.

The MPs also want evaluation of the Public Order Management At, 2015 which they claim has been abused to oppress members of the opposition. The MPs were on Monday addressing the press at Parliament in response to recent arrests and interference by police and other security organs in the affairs of the opposition. FDC leadership led by Patrick Amuriat and Kizza Besigye have for the last couple of weeks faced the wrath of police where they have been arrested and radio stations hosting them have been switched off in the case of Tororo, Jinja and other places.

“This is just impunity, the same Act exempts registered political parties from regulations, but the same security organs have violated the Act. Meetings of political parties are being blocked and we as MPs can’t sit there because it is we MPs who give them money and they are now using it against us,” Francis Mwijukye (Buhweju County MP) said.

“These RDCs who ordered for switching off of the radio stations must be taken to the courts and law along with the police officers in charge,” he said adding that, “we cannot afford to continue living in a country governed by criminality.”

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