Karuma hydro power project prepares for third stage river diversion

The magnificent and state of the art Karuma hydro power project is in its final preparations to commence and undertake third stage river diversion, on 15th of April 2019, the 600 megawatts hydro power project breathed a sign of relive and fresh air when it successfully removed the second stage cofferdams.

The removal of the cofferdam which is only a first step in the successful river diversion was built on the 11th of June 2015 to block water to enable construction of underground structures go on smoothly with interruptions from water flow.

The preparation for river diversion in Karuma hydro power project is underway and many preparations were carried out to ensure that it goes on as expected. River diversion will be done in order to help the construction of the remaining dam blocks namely 17 to 21.

As per now, block 1 to 16 have been completed. Prohibiting diversion is the upstream cofferdam that is currently being removed so as to fill the upstream area around the floating trash racks.

Excavation is being done continuously on the cofferdam to ensure that this is met. The cofferdam was designed according to the 25year flood standard. Total length of the upstream cofferdam is about 381 meters and the elevation of the dome is at an elevation 1032m, and the maximum filling height is 12m. The filling volume is 110,000 m³.

The maximum water level between the riverbed at upstream cofferdam and downstream water level of coffer dam is about 6.8m. The water filling capacity is about 360,000 m³ to ensure water intake.

Once completed the Karuma hydro power plant will reduce the cost of electricity in the country and improve industrialization, production and economic growth of Uganda in line with the Government’s vision 2040 

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