Kyambogo University Officials Grilled over Missing Shs 387 million

Kyambogo university officials appearing before the House Committee on Public Accounts

The Committee on Public Accounts has tasked Kyambogo University officials to explain how Shs387 million was unaccounted for.

This came to the fore as the university’s officials, led by Vice Chancellor Prof Elly Katunguka, made their appearance before the now Hon Nathan Nandala Mafabi led Committee.

“Regulation 24(f) of the Public Finance Management Regulations 2016 require an accounting officer of a vote to ensure that vouchers and their supporting documents are maintained,” partly read the Auditor General’s report.

It continued: “It was noted that Shs387.2 million paid to university staff and institutions to implement different activities remained outstanding. This was attributed to laxity on the part of management to enforce controls regarding accountability”.

It also emerged that a total of Shs2.4 billion in outstanding debt owed to the university remained uncollected.

Mr Charles Okello, the University Secretary and accounting officer admitted to the flaws, but blamed it on institutions funding sponsored students.

Okello says the institutions withhold payments pending the students’ academic progress reports, a kind of logic MP Jesca Ababiku (NRM, Adjumani) faulted.

“Why should this progress report stand as a condition of payment and yet what is expected is that students are taught and monies paid…let a contract be signed so that the payment is not based on progress reports,” said Ababiku.

Okello backed this position, saying the University has since enlisted the support of Education and Sports Minister, Hon Janet Museveni, to reverse the practice.

Nandala Mafabi is chairing the Committee for the second time, having had a blazing career as Chairman in the run up to the 2011 general elections.

His sterling performance became a permanent feature on newspapers and television screens, endearing him to anti-corruption crusaders and earning him the docket of Leader of the Opposition. Clad in his signature short-sleeved shirt and a red, white and blue striped necktie, Nandala Mafabi is faced with backlog of reports and the herculean task of enhancing oversight on the financial operations of government institutions. 

The university is set to return to answer the queries soon.

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