PROFILED: Top 10 Miss Curvy Contestants Likely to Win the Beauty Pageant

Here are the top Miss Curvy contenders

With less than a month to go to the finals of the Miss Curvy beauty pageant in June, the 24 contestants are prepping for the day to impress the judges.

Members of the public have started voting for the winner of the pageant through an online platform (https://pageantvote.es/pageants/1565/contestants/7882) and as of now, we bring the top 10 contestants who have so fat garnered several votes.

  1. Esther Among


HOBBIES: Swimming, Dancing

3503 votes

  • Brenda Nambooze

Tribe – Muganda

Hobbies-Rapping and Miming

2270 votes

  •  Esther Awori

Tribe – Japadhola

Hobbies – Dancing

1740 votes

  •  Damali Nakato

Tribe – Muganda

Hobbies – Designing, Movies

1535 votes

  • Claire Liwanda

Tribe – Gishu

Hobbies – swimming

669 votes

  •  Jackline Nabakka

Tribe – Muganda

Hobbies – Swimming

656 votes

  • Nansamba Maria Praise

Tribe – Muganda

Hobbies – Singing

616 votes

  • Nabukenya Aisha

Tribe – Muganda

Hobbies -Dancing

610 votes

  • Nambatya Milly

Tribe – Muganda

Hobbies -Singing

579 votes

  1. Sumayah Nakkazi

Tribe – Muganda

Hobbies-Music, Traveling

507 votes

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