LC1 Boss’ Wife Denied Sex, Commits Suicide

The wife of a village chairperson in Kumi District has committed suicide, with reports indicating that her husband denied her sex and material care.
Stella Atai, 50, the wife of Mr Simon Akol, the chairperson of Oswapai Village in Atutur Sub-county, took her life on Tuesday. Her body was found hanging on a tree on the way to the village well, a day after she told fellow women that she had nothing more left to live for. 

One of the women identified as Grace Amongin said Atai always complained about her husband’s refusal to care for their five children and that he had abandoned her matrimonial house to live with a younger co-wife.

“We were surprised to hear that Atai had been found hanging on a tree with a rope around her neck,” Ms Amongin said.
Mr Akol, however, denied having any misunderstanding with his wife.
“I did not quarrel with her; I am shocked why she just decided to end her life and leave our children,” he said.
He insisted he had been caring for his two wives. 
“I also apportion my time equally for the two, listening to their demands because I love both,” he said.

The CID officer at Kumi Central Police Station, Mr Oscar Okwir, confirmed a case of suicide and said the postmortem report had proved so.
He said police have registered four cases of suicide, all women, since the year began.
“Cases of domestic violence are rampant. Irrespective of our efforts of community policing, we still register cases of domestic violence against both sexes,” Mr Okwir said.

Rising violence cases Findings

There is steady increase in incidents of crimes committed against women and children according to new statistics released by police in 2017. The report capturing crimes committed against women and children between 2010 and 2016 indicate an increase in cases of women killed as a result of domestic violence, women trafficking, defilement, rape, child kidnap, child trafficking, child torture, incest, and child desertion among others. In 2010, 109 women died as a result of domestic violence compared to the 163 that died in 2016. Also, 36 cases related to women trafficking were recorded in 2011 up to 375 cases in 2016. Girl-child kidnap increased from 72 cases in 2011 to 572 in 2016.

(Source: Daily Monitor)

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