PHOTOS: Social Media Queen Pauline Kisa on Suicide Watch as Boyfriend Releases More Nudes

Pauline Kisa the Makerere University former student who narrowly broke the internet with the release of her nudes is said to be currently on suicide watch over the tragic incident.

The Latest news reaching our desk indicates that boy who landed Instagram slay queen in trouble is said to be a Minister’s son who was trying to make a revenge after the curvy mistress who chucked him for no reason and hooked another loaded nigger.

Pauline’s nude photos and videos caused excitement on social media platform this week, but making matters worse, the ex-boyfriend is still threating to release a few hours from now.   

Kisa has since disabled all her social media platforms after hundreds of horny men stormed her inbox and wall in demand for an adventure into the seen highly endowed natural resources.

Kisa currently faces Police summons over her nudes and allegations of Fr. Lokodo’s anti-pornography committee seem to be swinging in action something that has forced the girl to an extremely low profile.

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