“Where was Kibuule When His Twins Drowned Yet He has A Gun?” Ugandans on Social Media Mock Minister

Even in times of death, not everyone will commiserate with you. That is exactly what State minister for Works Ronald Kibuule has encountered after he lost in his twins on Monday evening at their family swimming pool at their palatial home in Mbalala, Mukono district.

Reports show that the twins fell in the swimming pool with no close attendant or maid to come to their rescue until they died.

While others on social media sympathized with Kibuule and the family, others were busy ‘celebrating’ the death of Kibuule’s twins following how he has tormented people of low class and taken advantage of them to steal their land.

Kibuule has been in the public lens for all the bad reasons including sneaking into Parliament chambers with a gun during the Age limit debate, assaulting a female guard at a Bank in Mukono among others. Kibuule has also drawn a gun on several people who cross his path and threatened them.  

Below are the facebook posts mocking Kibuule over the death of his twins;

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