Kadaga gives Kamuli schools exam printing press

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has offered examination printing equipment to be used by schools in Kamuli District.

Kadaga said that this should help boost the performance of primary schools in the area and lift regional performance of Busoga.

“It is absurd that when Primary Leaving Examination results come back, we start looking for Busoga region from the bottom of the list of performers. We want that to change,” she said at the unveiling of the renovated Mbulamuti Primary School on Tuesday, 28 May 2019.

Kadaga urged the parents and teachers of the school to ensure that they send their children with packed meals and that the teachers, also perform their role.

“We have done our part; we have given you amenities and the buildings. We now want you to teach these children and make sure they do not fail. You have no excuses,” she added.

The Speaker said she was contented with the Chinese International Water and Electric Corporation (CWE) building the bridge on the Isimba Dam for fulfilling their promise of renovating the school.

“I tasked the Chinese people to build a bridge connecting both sides and to support the amenities surrounding the Isimba Dam; I am glad that they have done something,” she said.

Elizabeth Namanda, the Kamuli District Chief Administrative Officer, expressed her gratitude to CWE for the gift and promised to work with the District Education Officer to improve standards by strengthening the support supervision of academic activities.

“We need the parents to also pick interest in making sure that your children commit to going to school and working hard,” she added.

Shan Li, the CWE Project Supervisor said the school renovation was one of their ways of giving back to the society.

“We built a computer lab, classroom blocks and provided scholastic materials in form of books, mathematical sets, pencils and pens as our contribution to the education system,” he said.

On the same day, the Speaker also gifted a school bus to St. Paul’s Secondary School, Kamuli and another to Kamuli Girls’ College. The Kamuli Taxi Drivers’ Association also received a commuter taxi, which will be used to improve the welfare of its members.

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