Crime on Martyrs Day Reduced from 89 to 46 Cases – Police

The Uganda police force wishes to congratulate all members of the public upon successfully commemorating the annual Uganda Martyrs Day, which was celebrated yesterday 3rd, June,2019, at Uganda Martyrs Shrines Namugongo.

Speaking during the press conference, Uganda Police deputy spokesperson hailed all security agencies for a job welldone and revealed crime reported reduced from compared that of 2018.

“We thank all the security agencies, dignitaries and members of the public for the unprecedented hard work and cooperation in ensuring the success of this year’s celebration.” Polly Namaye said.

Uganda Martyrs Shrines are some of the most recognized shrines in Africa. The activities of the celebration include religious sacraments such as baptism and prayers but are not limited because the pilgrims also find time to play , tour and enjoy the eats and drinks on display .

The Police also noted that the number of reported cases reduced from 89 cases in 2018 to 46 cases in 2019 , of these 46 cases , 40 are reports of suspected stolen mobile phones , 2 cases of impersonation , 2 cases of suspected stolen, 1 assault , and 1 counterfeit where a suspect was arrested selling soda property suspected to be fake. we have in custody a total of 11 suspects , while two have been given police bond.

The traffic and road safety desk registered two serious accidents at Kyaliwajala trading center and along Jinja highway at Namanve.

“64 cases of missing children were reported in total, to our Child and Family Protection Unit desk at Namugongo. 62 of these children were recovered. Of these 58 were reunited with their families, 4 are still with our Child And Family Protection Office at CPS Kampala , two children are still missing namely kwikiriza Batesa and Kibalama Joshua .We call upon anyone whose child went missing at Namugongo shrines to contact the child and family protection office at CPS Kampala (0714403295) for assistance.” She added.

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