Museveni takes Wealth, Job Creation Sensitization Drive to Teso Sub-Region

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during the weekend took wealth and job creation sensitisation drive to Teso Sub-region.

The Fountain of Honour met with leaders drawn from the nine districts of Teso sub-region at Soroti University grounds.

Speaking to the congregation, Museveni stated that even when Africa is wealthy in terms of natural resources, there is a lot of poverty around us. This is largely because our people have failed to transition from traditional lifestyles and adopt to the demands of modern times.

He added that close to 65 percent of our people are still stuck in subsistence agriculture where in the past, this was okay but with advances in economies, it is no longer tenable since it cannot earn them enough income to meet the needs of modernity.

“It is therefore the duty of every leader to teach our people how to practice commercial agriculture. Leaders should show the people the way because you are a socio-political doctor. You diagnose the challenges your people face and offer solutions.Take this message and demonstrate its practicability to our people in the villages. Also caution them against land fragmentation. Let us only share proceeds from the land, not the land itself.” He said.

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