Judiciary PS Kagole Kivumbi Shocks Nation, Fakes Sickness After Failing to Account for Shs 34b

The Permanent Secretary (PS) Mr Kagole Kivumbi yesterday went against odds when he failed explain how over Shillings 34 billion disappeared under his supervision.

This unrealistic development threw officials on the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to remain with no option but to hand over the famous government official to Police CIID for investigations over alleged contempt of Parliament.

Mr Kivumbis is under probe by PAC over illegal expenditure of shs34 billion in the Financial year 2017/18.

Whereas he skipped the Committee meeting Tuesday, claiming to be sick, he has appeared today without medical records.

MPs have accused the accounting officer for attempting to obstruct Parliament from doing its oversight duties, which tantamount to contempt.

Mr Kivumbi has been handed over to CIID to accompany him to the hospital where he alleges to have undergone treatment.

Earlier, he had told the committee that he was not sure certain of the name of the facility.

The PS Tuesday skipped a committee meeting on fear of being arrested.

When he showed up Wednesday morning, PAC chaired by Budadiri West MP Nandala Mafabi tasked him to explain his cruel behavior in vain.

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