Pastor Bujingo Invites 500 Boda Boda Cyclists for a Special Church Session as Protests Intensify

City Pastor Aloysius Bujingo has vowed not to bow down to any pressure from the public.

Speaking during the Saturday service, Bujingo invited hundreds of Boda Boda Cyclists to pray with him amidst the challenging situations.

This service featured celebrated singer Levixon who also used the same platform to premier his latest single dubbled Chiky Bonge.

During the session, Bujingo noted that from the start, he has never gotten intentions to malice or hurt anyone.

He added that the spate in the city was out of misconception of his statement but not aimed at witch-hunting anyone.   

” I want to apologize to all the women, most of all my wife Teddy and my daughters. I’m really sorry.” he noted.

Bujingo dancing to the Levixon’s Turn the Replay hit song

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