Parliament Perturbed Over She Cranes World Cup Debts, Wants Equal Funding

Legislators have called for equal funding for the She Cranes arguing that the Uganda Cranes receive more support.

The call follows the recent commendable performance of the two national teams at the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Egypt and the Netball World Cup  in the United Kingdom.   

The Uganda Cranes advanced to the knock out stage of the AFCON, while the She Cranes finished  seventh.    

Uganda Cranes received shs10 billion from government, while the She Cranes were given Shs1 billion.

MPs have now proposed equity in financing and support towards the national teams, saying that the She Cranes are neglected, while more support is given to the Uganda Cranes.

They also called for revamping of the existing facilities to train the players thereby increasing their chances of better performance.  

Hon Sandra Alum Ogwang (UPC, Oyam district) said that the support given to the She Cranes is wanting.

“In the era of gender equity, as the captain of a netball team in Parliament, I would like to see more support given to the ladies just like it is the case with the men,” said Sandra Ogwang.

Hon. Rose Mutonyi (NRM, Bubulo County West) said that the She Cranes put the country on the world map and therefore need more support.  

“The facilitation for the ladies was very poor. Female issues are still under rated,” said Mutonyi.
The Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Aol Betty Ocan, raised concern over what she termed as ‘continued marginalization of women’ despite existence of policies which promote gender equality.
“The way the She Cranes were treated was not right. This should not continue, policies have to be respected,” said Aol.

Hon Denis Hamson Obua (NRM, Ajuri County) advised government to invest more in netball, football, athletics and boxing.

“Why wouldn’t we prioritise where we have comparative advantage in the world. We need to fund these various disciplines in time,” said Hamison Obua.

Hon. Tom Aza Alero (NRM, West Moyo County) called for motivation of the players for better performances.

“The problem is not funding. The Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) receives adequate funding from government and even corporate organisations. There is need for cohesion, cooperation and unity between FUFA and government,” said Aza. Following the incident in which the Uganda Cranes striked over bonus payments while in Cairo, the legislators blamed it on poor planning.

Hon Jack Wamanga Wamai  (FDC, Mbale Municipality) said that the incident could have been avoided if government had planned for the players before they travelled.

“Why wait till the last moment. That embarrassment could have been avoided,” said Wamanga Wamai.

MPs concerns on sports in the country followed  a statement by the Minister of State for Sports, Hon Charles Bakkabulindi, on the participation of the national football team at the continental show piece n Cairo, Egypt and the national netball team at the netball world cup on in Liverpool, England.
Bakkabulindi admitted that funding for the netball team is still low but hastened to add that government is considering increasing it.

“Government will work towards addressing the shortage in funding of the netball team. It should be noted that there is general shortage of resources for sports activities,” Bakkabulindi said.

The Minister welcomed a move by the Shadow Minister for Sports to investigate corruption allegations against FUFA.

“Sports involves lobbying from various supporters. This is not corruption. If you are carrying out an investigation, investigate facts. We will wait for the evidence,” said Bakkabulindi.

He called for support towards the sports sector, saying that Uganda is gifted with talented people.  

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