Uganda Battle Group Twenty-Eight Assumes Operations In Somalia

Uganda battle group twenty-eight (BG XXVIII) has today taken over from battle group twenty-five (BG XXV) the responsibility of overseeing the security of Marka, Quoryoole and Awe-digley in Lower Shabelle region of Somalia.

The sector one commander of African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) who is also Ugandan contingent commander in Somalia, Brigadier Michael Kabango presided over the hand/takeover ceremony at the contingent headquarters in Mogadishu.

Brigadier Kabango applauded BG XXV commander, Colonel Paul Muhanguzi with his team for a dedicated service during their one-year tour of duty that ended today. He welcomed BG XXVIII under the command of Colonel Wilberforce Serunkuma and urged them to be vigilant throughout their tour of duty despite the visibly improving security situation in Somalia.

“Al-Shabaab still disturbs the people of Somalia and pose some degree of threat on the roads. They lay ambushes against civilians, collect illegal taxes and plant improvised explosive devices. They also employ vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices against civilians and civilian objects,” Brigadier Kabango said.

The contingent commander reminded the incoming battle group that in order to achieve their goals and mission, they must uphold a pro-people ideology and historical standards of discipline that form the foundation upon which the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) is built. He reminded the incoming group of UPDF’s zero tolerance policy on indiscipline. The Brigadier warned of stringent punitive measures against any member that will fall short of the standard operating procedures or indulge in any form of indiscipline and illegalities. He urged the commanders at all levels to lead by example and desist from any unprofessional conduct or subversive tendencies lest they weaken the fabric of the entire force.

Brigadier Kabango also urged the contingent leadership at all levels to know their troops and care for them as required of military leaders. “Always be able to account for your troops. Always check on them. Be on the know of their wellbeing at all times.” Brigadier Kabango counselled.

The function was attended by the deputy Ugandan contingent commander Brigadier Frank Kyambadde, BG XXVII Commander Colonel Sam Kosiya Kutesa and Ugandan Contingent staff officers.

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