OPINION: An Open Letter to Gen. Elly Tumwine and His Fellow Luweero Bushmen

Greetings from the Dream Team base to you Gen. Elly Tumwine and your comrades in struggle as you always call yourselves.

Gen. Tumwine, am writing this to you after a couple of sleepless nights following the drama going on between you and Hon. Cecilia Ogwal in which you are accused of having harassed and abused her to the extent of pointing a pistol at her. 
My primary concern and cause for sleepless nights is not because of the accusations laid against you by Hon. Cecilia but with the way you are responding to the same.

You are not the first product of the Luweero bush war to refer to the sacrifices made in the bush every time there is an issue that needs your attention. 
A few months back, Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza said the same words when he was called upon to explain why he assaulted the traffic officer on duty.

Given the fact that your Luweero bush war boss the president is always grave silent when you justify your arrogant actions by the sacrifices made in the bush, I have started developing a feeling that may be Ugandans owe you some price that they need to pay you back so you can start treating them well.

While responding to the accusations from Hon. Cecilia, you reminded Ugandans how you lost an eye and lost many colleagues while in the bush.

Please tell us, do you want to first remove one eye from every Ugandan before you realise that Uganda already paid your sacrifices by giving you all the wealth you enjoy currently?

Which price must Ugandans pay you back so that you can stop mistreating them as a way of making them pay back the sacrifices you made in liberating them?

Kindly sit down with your fellow bush men and calculate how much Ugandans must pay back for your sacrifices so that we can pay you back and then relax. 
If it is all about the blood you spilt while in the bush please kindly sit down with your colleagues and estimate how many litres they were so that we go to the national blood bank, collect it and pay it back to you otherwise your arrogance is too much.

If a man finds a young girl of say five years on street and decides to adopt that girl, take her in his home and buy clothes for this street girl, feed her and even put her in school, it can never be justification for that man to start raping that girl after she has grown up.
Therefore, having liberated Ugandans as you claim is not justification enough for you to start mistreating them, lest you create a reason for another person to also go back in the bushes and liberate them from you and it’s still possible after all you didn’t cut down the forests of Luweero and Rwenzori that were hiding you when you came back.

Why should you mistreat us simply because you liberated us? 
In any case, who sent you in Luweero anyway to go and fight before you can sacrifice us? 
If it’s liberating, are you the first to liberate this country? 
What about Obote and his UPC who liberated us from the colonialists?

Am not so sure Gen. Tumwine between you and Hon. Cecilia who is right and who is wrong but your continued reference to Luweero spoils everything.

The writer is from Rwenzori where the peace we wanted yesterday is still needed today, tomorrow and forever.

Isande Atanazio. 
The Dream Team. 
Keeping The Hope Alive. 
The Rwenzori Eagle Eye. 

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